Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a common plastic surgery procedure, sought by those who wish to feel more confident about their body image. This procedure is suitable for women who want to enhance the size of small or asymmetrical breasts, want to restore volume in breasts after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding, or want fuller breasts. Smaller breasts or breasts that have lost their previous volume are enlarged using saline or silicone breast implants. During the consultation, Dr. Rodriguez will help determine your implant preference (saline or silicone), and take measurements. He will also discuss the size, shape, and profile of implants that will best suit your body type, to help attain a natural-looking result.


Is it right for me?

As with other cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation surgery is a personal decision. It should be done only to help you feel positive about your appearance rather than to fit a particular image or ideal.


A breast augmentation may be right for you if:

  • You are concerned by the small size of your breasts, feel that your breasts sag (have a flatter or elongated shape), or that your breasts have lost their previous volume

  • One breast is noticeably lower than the other

  • You are looking for a natural-looking, enhanced breast profile


Good candidates for breast augmentation are individuals who:

  • Have fully-developed breasts

  • Are healthy and maintain a stable weight

  • Are non-smokers

  • Have realistic expectations for breast augmentation improvement

How breast augmentation is performed

Dr. Rodriguez will place the incisions, through which the implants are inserted, either inconspicuously along the red-white junction of the nipple-areolar complex, or underneath the breast. Most breast implants are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle, though placement over the muscle may be appropriate in a few select instances.


Recovery expectations

Recovery is about two to four weeks. Results are long-lasting though not permanent and may require replacement during your lifetime. Your breast augmentation results may boost confident and make clothing and swimwear easier to wear. Your breasts will still be affected by the natural aging process.

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